Cape Town Water Crisis Eases as Residents Curb Consumption


The risk that the drought-hit city of Cape Town will run out of water well before the start of the winter rainy season has eased after residents heeded a call to slash consumption and the government curtailed supply to farmers.

The authorities in South Africa’s second-biggest city said earlier this week that they expected “Day Zero” — when taps would be turned off to residential suburbs — would be reached on April 16 unless daily usage was reduced by 20 percent to 450 million liters (119 million gallons). The city’s 4 million residents have been limited to using 50 liters of water each a day as of Thursday, down from a previous allocation of 87 liters.

Water sits in the Molteno reservoir in Cape Town, South Africa.

Photographer: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg

“Indications are that Day Zero will be pushed out, even quite substantially far out, due to the residents of Cape Town reducing water demand drastically,” Mmusi Maimane, the leader of the Democratic Alliance, the main opposition party which controls the city and surrounding Western Cape province, said by phone on Friday. “We will make an announcement next week on just how far out it will be.”

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