Internet Reacts to ‘Incredibles 2’ Trailer Release Woes


Disney dropped a brand-new trailer for Incredibles 2 during coverage of the Winter Olympics tonight, but the excitement at getting the best look yet at the upcoming Disney/Pixar film was overshadowed by hiccups in its release.

Last week, the studios teased that a special Incredibles 2 sneak peek would be airing during NBC‘s coverage, leading many eager fans to tune in waiting for trailer to the highly-anticipated sequel. However, as fans quickly discovered, not everyone who tuned into NBC’s coverage saw the trailer. It turns out that the full trailer aired on NBC Sports instead of NBC’s regular Winter Olympics coverage. Adding to the confusion, fans who caught the NBC Sports broadcast of the trailer lit up social media talking about the footage leading many to wonder why regular NBC hadn’t shown the trailer and why an official version hadn’t yet made it online.

As for why NBC Sports aired the full trailer instead of NBC, some have speculated that it could have something to do with news coverage of the tragic school shooting earlier today in Florida possibly preempting network coverage. Others pointed out that while the special look was advertised as being part of the Winter Olympics coverage, not even the official movie Twitter account specified which of NBC’s networks would be airing the trailer, leading some to wonder if Universal had deliberately botched the broadcast. Another theory as to the release confusion posited that NBC intended for the trailer to air later to drive Winter Olympics viewership, but was broadcast too early on NBC Sports, causing the confusion and frustration.

Whatever the reason for the trailer confusion, fans had some strong reactions to how the trailer was released ranging from amused impatience to trolling to some upset parents whose kids missed the trailer’s broadcast.

Read on for the internet’s reaction to the Incredibles 2 trailer release woes.

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Incredibles 2 is set to open in theaters June 15.

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