More snow to blanket Chicago, Detroit through Sunday


By Alex Sosnowski, AccuWeather senior meteorologist
February 10, 2018, 11:33:47 PM EST

As a new, large storm rolls northeastward, more rounds of snow are forecast for Chicago, Detroit and other parts of the Midwest and northern tier of the Northeast through Sunday.

While much of the southern and eastern United States can expect a wet and milder weather pattern this weekend, much of the Great Lakes region will remain on the storm’s cold side with snowy conditions.

Following the moderate to heavy accumulation from a late-week storm, a few more inches of snow will fall from parts of the central Plains to the eastern Great Lakes and northern New England.

static snow map 2/10 pm

Snow will transition to ice and rain in part of the northern tier of the Northeast, while wintry precipitation continues farther west this weekend.


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Through Sunday, periods of snow will add an additional accumulation in the swath from Chicago to Detroit. The snowfall will keep roads and sidewalks slippery and may require occasional shoveling and plowing operations with 1 to 6 inches of snow forecast, on top of Friday’s snowfall.

Up to a foot of snow may fall from the entire event, which began on Friday night, from northeastern New York state to northern Maine.

Following thousands of flight delays and cancellations in Chicago and Detroit on Friday, the weekend snow may cause additional issues for airline travel.

Those who must travel on the roads should allow extra time to get to their destination.

NC regional 2.10 PM

Just enough snow may fall to make roads slippery in parts of northern Missouri, including the Kansas City area, on Saturday night.

Colder air is forecast to slice southeastward across the Midwest during the latter part of the weekend. Rain may transition to wet snow and/or freezing rain in in parts of the Ohio and middle Mississippi valleys on Sunday.

NE sunday regional 2/10

“Without a strong push of Arctic air on the back side of this storm, we do not foresee a heavy amount of snow or ice in the Ohio Valley and areas on south and east,” according to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams.

“However, it only takes temperatures to dip near the freezing mark to cause slippery conditions,” Abrams said.

During Sunday night, the air may be chilly enough to allow wet snow and/or spotty freezing rain to occur along the western slopes of the central Appalachians and perhaps as far south as western Tennessee and northeastern Arkansas.

As the storm moves along, snow is projected to taper off in the swath from northern Indiana and northeastern Illinois to southern Michigan and southern Ontario. This should allow crews time to clean up roads and runways ahead of the Monday morning rush hour.

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