Russian fugitive: Rikers guards ignored beating that blinded me


A Russian seductress suspected of killing her former neighbor claims correction officers looked on as she was blinded in a brutal Rikers Island beatdown.

Viktoria Nasyrova, wanted by Russian authorities for a grisly murder plot and arrested in New York for preying on unsuspecting men, claims she was attacked by four fellow inmates after a Jan. 3 squabble at the Rose M. Singer Center at the notorious jail complex.

After repeated blows to her head, the alleged femme fatale suffered a broken nose and was left barely able to see, she told the Daily News.

“When I opened my eyes, I don’t see nothing … I can see now only white,” the 42-year-old said in a phone call from the jail ward at Elmhurst Hospital. “Now I have the same vision. I cannot see now.

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“No colors, no shape. Nothing,” she added.

More than a month later, she says she’s still sightless.

Nasyrova was busted in Brooklyn for seducing, drugging and robbing unsuspecting men. She's also wanted by Russian authorities for a brutal 2014 murder plot.

Nasyrova was busted in Brooklyn for seducing, drugging and robbing unsuspecting men. She’s also wanted by Russian authorities for a brutal 2014 murder plot.

Her civil attorney, Paul Prestia, has taken the first step in filing a lawsuit against the city — charging that it failed to prevent the assault.

Nasyrova landed in the crosshairs of her Rikers rivals in the facility’s TV room when they began to “threaten and harass her,” according to a notice of claim filed against the city on Friday.

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One woman insisted they “talk” by the showers and a Department of Correction officer accompanied the charged-up group to the stalls, the document says.

That’s where Nasyrova was punched in the face and grabbed by the hair, her head slammed into the wall. She fell to the ground but the abuse continued.

“Another female inmate began smashing her head against the wall, took her head and smashed it against the floor, while the other females were kicking her stating, ‘kill this b—h,’ ” the notice says.

Nasyrova “begged” the female officer to use her mace to stop the vicious bashing but she failed to step in, later saying her can was empty, according to the notice.

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Prestia told the Daily News that the officer “watched this brutal attack unfold over the course of several minutes and yet did nothing to intervene.”

“She helplessly stood by with an empty can of mace and now Ms. Nasyrova is blind because of it,” he added.

Prestia said his client has yet to be evaluated by an eye doctor. The Bronx District Attorney’s office says it is investigating the attack.

The raven-haired temptress wound up in New York after fleeing Russia as a fugitive.

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Alla Aleksenko, 54, was allegedly murdered by Nasyrova in Russia.

Alla Aleksenko, 54, was allegedly murdered by Nasyrova in Russia.

(Provided by Nadia Ford)

She was fingered as the sole suspect in the gruesome 2014 death of 54-year-old Alla Aleksenko, whose burned body was found partially buried in western Russia.

But Nasyrova, who allegedly fleeced the older woman, seduced the lead detective and escaped to America.

She began a new life in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, where she allegedly funded a lavish lifestyle of fur coats and diamond jewelry by drugging and robbing men.

She is facing grand larceny charges and stands accused of a failed poisoning plot in which she tried to kill a woman whose identity she attempted to steal.

Private investigator Herman Weisberg, a former NYPD detective, helped track down Nasyrova after her series of international escapades.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s Rikers Island or a Russian prison camp, I had a feeling Viktoria would have a tough time,” Weisberg said. “Arrogance doesn’t play well in correctional facilities.”

Aleksenko’s daughter, Nadia Ford, who doggedly investigated her mother’s disappearance and convinced Russian officials to pursue the murder case, has little sympathy for Nasyrova’s misfortune.

“The place where she at, it’s a prison, it’s not like a vacation,” Ford said. “When you do this stuff, you bring it on (yourself).”

A spokesman for the Law Department said the agency “will review the lawsuit if one is filed.” Nasyrova has denied wrongdoing in the Aleksenko murder.

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